A great place to work

Universities UK will attract and retain the best talent, develop and support our people, and create an inclusive and creative culture.

Universities UK will:

Improve our pay, reward and progression policies to ensure they are competitive, equitable and transparent.

Develop, embed and continuously improve our working and employment practice and policies that meet the needs of the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Prioritise the well-being of our staff through our culture, our work practices, and the resources and support they have access to.

Invest in learning and development to support staff to fulfil their potential and ambitions.

Work with our staff to create a supportive, empowering, fun, and inclusive culture.

2030 challenges
and opportunities

Starting from a positive place but with room to improve

In 2023, Universities UK is seen as an influential and important organisation with a satisfied membership. However, there are opportunities to build greater connection with the full diversity of our membership to better represent their interests.

UUK generally has comparable levels of staff satisfaction to similar organisations, but there is room for improvement, particularly in how we work across departments and offices and in providing opportunities for staff to progress and develop. And as the world changes we will need to change with it; adapting our ways of working to meet the needs of future staff.


of members believe UUK provides value for money for its members


staff feel the organisation cares about its employees

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